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Very good game. However, I have some recommendations:

A game version where you restart at the exit stairs of the last played level instead of starting over,
a 'priest' character type, which is the opposite of the necromancer, the revival of skeletons with the necromancer, and usability/destructibility of some of the furniture(especially barrels), and the ability to claim cleared floors, effectively acting not only as a base but potentially being able to be set up to challenge friends and strangers.

Does not seem to play music, or continue gameplay in google chrome after skipping the last section of the tutorial, which did not make sense.

Excellent in quality, terrible in content. The single level is quite cramped, and the VR-illustrations don't do much to tell the story. I would certainly recommend more levels or scenes and make more to fully explain the story. To add to the last idea, I would recommend looking into real 3D. This will certainly improve everything and allows you to do more in a more realistic way.

HinzArt responds:

Thanks so much Taz! I fully agree :D I can tell you a lot about the circumstances and interesting "behind the scenes" stories from back than; but in terms of your comment as a game review: you are completely right! I was mainly focused on create something that was complete, wrapped up and nr. 1 priority: pretty. Maybe thats why all my other game projects since than havent been public. I focus a lot more on the content / design side! Shot for your time, feedback and compliment on the quality :) Have a good one

EDIT: Oh and I've never posted the exhibition stand design that was created to "visit the paintings". I think it was important to "teleport the viewer" via a lifesized version of the portal from the game with 3D sound. Scrolling through the paintings on a screen is indeed pretty different. http://hinz.design/leave.html

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Art is far from my field. For the most part, I can only say that this is a very good quadroscope and generated art.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thank you! I'm glad you like it :))

Cannot agree with you more on the statement on PETA.

ScepterDPinoy responds:



Not to be told.

Not to be told.

Not to be told.

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